Life’s  experience and influence 

This is the post excerpt.

In life we all go through different experiences through the days whether good or bad they all have an influence on our behavior and how we look at life.None of just woke up started to act as we act, it took experience,influence from the company around us and our own moral values. 

Every person we spend time with has a great in fluence on how we handle our experiences even when we dont really know.Spend time with impatient people most likely you are impatient in some way.

In my life i can say a great influence comes from my friends and most of what i have learnt from watching how people act since when i was young and all i want to do is pretty much say what i go through in my day to day encounters and what passes through my mind to show what influences my decisions when i face something whether good or bad. 

A little happily ever never

For sure my demons are laughing there lungs out knowing am messed up because i know am messed up and for some reason i know you know you messed me up too. 

The problem is why can’t i let go knowing i am slowly drowning myself in your hurt. Is it because you came just when i needed someone the most, the time when i felt lost,alone,useless and found a way to mend every broken piece of me. 

I know your not good for me but with you around all thoughts fade, my time comes to a stand still,i see hope deep in your eyes and how your smile makes my angels sing make me unresistable to how i feel when we touch. 

I shoud give thanks life hasn’t given me lemos but for some reason it gave me you, a gift and grief in one beautiful shell. Is it that am dumb enough to face the fact that am holding on to the old you not wanting to accept the new version of you that is causing me hurt. 

Funny how deep down i know that you are too good to be true but every piece and part of me still wants to believe in you, i guess  am in my own happily ever never,wish I’ll know better

25 percent rule of life

We’ve all gotten to that point in life when we try to impress everyone around us so as to be liked or fit in with others not knowing we are putting ourselves to pressure.

I was about to sleep one day and it crossed my mind am not pretty sure where my ideas come from but they do help me live my life at easy and not worry too much about trying to fit in to a place i know am not comfortable in. 

The first 25% are:The people who like you and really mean it

The second 25% are:The people who hate you and really do hate you

The third 25% are:The people who like you but want to hate you-this are the friends who talk behind your back and act like nothing is wrong

The fina 25% are:The people who hate you but want to like you-This are the ones who pretend to not get along with you but deep down know they like you. 

After all that i realized they all add up to 100%,and that life is what you make of it. 

Choose to live a life you know at the end of the day you lived to your fullest. 

What hurts more? 

We’ve all experienced both physical and emotional pain but which between them really leaves that mark after you get through it.

I must admit physical pain hurts,most especially when you’ve broken a bone or cut yourself the pain you’ll feel will most likely make you cry no matter how tough you or how old you are. 

When it comes to emotional pain it will always find a way to make you feel alone, lost, worthless and everything you know you are not.This is when life comes to a stand still and no amount of crying will make you feel better. 

We are always told to talk to someone about our pain for sure thats easy when it comes to physical pain but what about emotional pain where no words can truly explain what or how you feel or at times you don’t even know why you feel how you feel.

All in all pain is pain and in both we’ll cry, feel like no one around us can understand what we are going through but with time no matter how long we’ll always get through what is causing us hurt.

In life never under estimate the power of time.

First kiss

It was a chilly dark night, we were sitted outside with my neighbor talking as we enjoyed the cool breeze coming from the lake. 

That day was a great day so we had alot to talk about recalling the funny moments but as it grew colder the more she moved closer to me. She couldn’t tell but my heart was pounding hard feeling her next to me. 

For a moment we were all quiet most probably thinking about what to say next. I could feel her stare at me,her wide eyes fixed perfectly on her face,as she slowly licked her lips and giggled when i looked straight to her.

I could feel the tension rising, her hands slowly moving to hold mine. She moved her face close mine her lips inches from mine, i could feel my lips crave for hers. 

Her eyes revealed lust as she let her lips touch mine, the feel of her tender soft lips on mine made every part of my body come to life, her tongue tasted sweet,her body was worming up i could feel the heat coming from beneath her skin. 

She giggled and whispered through my ear how she wanted more as she slightly licked my ear i swear i heard symphonies for the first time. 

Why i dont take advice at times

Its not that i dont listen to advice when am being given one, the issue comes when choosing what to take in. 

Everyone can give advice to someone no matter their age as long as they have passed through something in life. Most of the advices i have been given have one thing in common even when they are from different people that is they all try to bring out their own strengths.

For instance someone will tell you how they were alone through that time, how they woke up at 3am, am not saying it is bad but people should know that if something works for you it doesn’t mean it will work for another person.

Everyone has different paths to follow even if our aims are similar we cant do the same things to get there. An advice is like food, i might be satisfied with a plate of rice but another person it’ll take a caple more or a different type of food to get satisfied but at the end we all are satisfied.

We always look at the pleasing things

Dont get me wrong am not one to stare too much at women but this one occasion got me doubting myself.

The day had just ended it was starting to get dark when my friend and i descided to take an evening stroll around town to atleast walk off the day’s stresses. We were laughing our lungs out as we made jokes then we all went silent when my friend pointed out an accident scene that had just happened across the road. 

As i turned to face the scene there was a woman coming our way,meybe its because of the dark but tell you the truth she was stunning i didn’t even get to see the accident that had taken place. 

She had long hair falling just below her elbow.She wore a red buttoned top which was unbuttoned to exactly between her chest and a blue miniskirt that revealed her curves just right. She had long legs which really stood out as she was light skinned.Everything about her was perfect. 

The only thing i can’t seem to remember is her face,i know i saw it but i really can’t recall how exactly her face looked but i know she was beautiful.I really can’t understand how come i never got to look at the accident but paid so much attention to a person who never stared back at me. 

The only thing i learnt was in life we all choose to stare at the things that are pleasant to look at and in the good days and bad choose to look at the good for change.