Life’s  experience and influence 

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What if i run a way What if i lost my mind What if i get lost and I’m  never found Will you still know where I’d radher be Will your every single wish still come true?  Will we still find a place where true love meets  

Broken Halos

Don’t go looking for the reasons Don’t go asking Jesus why We’re not meant to know all the answer’s  Seen my share of broken halos that used to shine


You slide up close to me Take the T-shirts off each other With your hands all over me,it gets alittle hard to breath I tell myself I’m not in love but one more time is an I’m in love One last kiss and then I’m a goner  Now we are right here wishing we could…

Broken piece of me

​I know we rarely talk, but i saw you in my dreams last night and am glad you smiled cause it means you still have hope.  For ones in a life time i wished never to wake up just to see you happy. Ⓜ️Ⓜ️

Your my rescue 

Sound of silence is all i hear,  Left me yet it seems,  But in every pain,  In every hurt,  Nothing i did ever stood in your way,  Where ever i am, Whene ever i fall,  You never let go,  You are my rescue 

We’re all ugly to someone 

We should understand that in life no one is ever good enough,bright enough, strong enough or just enough for something or someone but there are so many ways of viewing life, you can either look at it from your own perspective or look at it from other peoples point of view. Its funny how you…

Faith must be tested

Most of the time we pray for God to increase our faith forgetting that,for our faith to increase we have to face hardships to make us stronger to face other challenges ahead of us.  We should know that the tougher our situation is the stronger we come out of it at the end. It comes…

Everything happens for a reason

As days pass by we face different encounters some good some bad but most times we never get to think why it actually happended.  It is never just coincidence that in a specific day you choose to follow a different way home or you mistakenly misplace your keys and get late for work or something…

A little happily ever never

For sure my demons are laughing there lungs out knowing am messed up because i know am messed up and for some reason i know you know you messed me up too.  The problem is why can’t i let go knowing i am slowly drowning myself in your hurt. Is it because you came just…

25 percent rule of life

We’ve all gotten to that point in life when we try to impress everyone around us so as to be liked or fit in with others not knowing we are putting ourselves to pressure. I was about to sleep one day and it crossed my mind am not pretty sure where my ideas come from…

What hurts more? 

We’ve all experienced both physical and emotional pain but which between them really leaves that mark after you get through it. I must admit physical pain hurts,most especially when you’ve broken a bone or cut yourself the pain you’ll feel will most likely make you cry no matter how tough you or how old you…

First kiss

It was a chilly dark night, we were sitted outside with my neighbor talking as we enjoyed the cool breeze coming from the lake.  That day was a great day so we had alot to talk about recalling the funny moments but as it grew colder the more she moved closer to me. She couldn’t…