Life’s  experience and influence 

In life we all go through different experiences through the days whether good or bad they all have an influence on our behavior and how we look at life.None of just woke up started to act as we act, it took experience,influence from the company around us and our own moral values. 

Every person we spend time with has a great in fluence on how we handle our experiences even when we dont really know.Spend time with impatient people most likely you are impatient in some way.

In my life i can say a great influence comes from my friends and most of what i have learnt from watching how people act since when i was young and all i want to do is pretty much say what i go through in my day to day encounters and what passes through my mind to show what influences my decisions when i face something whether good or bad. 


Hurt and Bruise

The world’s gone wrong since yesterday 

I don’t recognize my reflection lately

I used to love flying solo but now I’m not sure

I see your hurt but the beautiful is all I’m trying to trace  

But i wont let us go down,for this love i won’t loss

Soon answers will be found and i hope our hearts no longer HURT AND BRUISE


I was a boat stuck in a bottle just forgot in the shelfs no wind in the sails

A burnt out star in the galaxy

Now i cant be life when i first kissed you

You make me better than i was before

The worst me is a long gone memory

The best me has his arms around you

Thank God i found you